Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Ethel never had an imaginary friend when she was little. She never felt the need for one because she had a real friend. His name was Tedwed. He was made of cloth but had no arms and only one eye but Ethel loved him. Tedwed came into Ethel's life the day that Ethel was born. They loved to be together (and still do). Tedwed was a great friend. He was a very good listener and he loved to play. He loved to walk to the park, he loved to eat fish fingers and baked beans and he loved to help Ethel collect ladybirds in the garden on a sunny day. He was the perfect friend. What was so special about Tedwed was that he always knew when Ethel was happy and when Ethel was sad and he always knew when a hug was needed or a friendly ear. He was the cleverest bear a girl could wish to know. One day something quite terrible happened to Tedwed and it was all Ethel's fault. Ethel had squeezed Tedwed for so long his neck had worn right out. A big hole, the size of a ten pence piece, had appeared. It needed emergency care. The day was long and Ethel worried herself sick. Tedwed had to be admitted into the emergency sewing room and Ethel's mother was in charge of the mending operation. Ethel waited.......and waited......and waited. A tear welled up into her big brown eyes. Would she ever see Tedwed again? After a long wait out came Tedwed. He looked beautiful! 'The most beautiful bear in the world' thought Ethel, all shiny and new. Something was different about Tedwed, Ethel thought to herself. It was not until she held him close that she realised that he was fixed with a beautiful brown felt necklace. He looked so handsome and so happy. Tedwed was back with Ethel and Ethel can't have wished for anything more.

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