Wednesday, 20 March 2013


It's no secret that one of Ethel's best friends is not human. He doesn't speak much, he doesn't understand Ethel, in fact at times he doesn't even like hanging out with her, but Ethel adores him. 
Frankie is a cat. Ethel and her husband do everything they can to make his life comfortable. As cats go Frankie can be very demanding. He covets the best seat in the house, he eats the most expensive, scientifically researched cat food for sale on the open market. He owes not one, but three fleecy blankets to keep out the cold and insists on his own personal space at all times. He only tolerates one close cat companion and confidant, who goes be the name of Freddie cat. Even when Ethel tries to befriend him he cruelly ignores her.