Monday, 10 May 2010

Gingerbread Men

Since Ethel was a child she has harboured a very sweet tooth. Every Saturday would bring the weekly treat of visiting the bakery in the small mining town were her family had lived for more than 30 years. There was much on offer and decisions to be made. An elephant's foot, maybe an iced bun? A custard egg tart? Ethel would ponder over the selection for many a minute as the queue of hungry lunchtime customers built up behind here. Each week Ethel wanted to try something new but each week someone always caught her eye. He was a tiny perfectly formed man made of ginger with currant eyes looking through the glass counter staring back at her. His currant nose and his colourful smartie buttoned jacket was the same every week and the cherry mouth always had a smile or a frown depending on his mood. Ethel would choose the gingerbread man and carefully carry him home in a paper bag. What would she eat first, his head or his toes....

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