Wednesday, 20 March 2013


It's no secret that one of Ethel's best friends is not human. He doesn't speak much, he doesn't understand Ethel, in fact at times he doesn't even like hanging out with her, but Ethel adores him. 
Frankie is a cat. Ethel and her husband do everything they can to make his life comfortable. As cats go Frankie can be very demanding. He covets the best seat in the house, he eats the most expensive, scientifically researched cat food for sale on the open market. He owes not one, but three fleecy blankets to keep out the cold and insists on his own personal space at all times. He only tolerates one close cat companion and confidant, who goes be the name of Freddie cat. Even when Ethel tries to befriend him he cruelly ignores her. 

This behaviour always baffled Ethel. Why was Frankie Cat so regal in his day to day life? Where had he got this attitude from? His humble background (originally from Cotmanhay in Derbyshire) didn't hold any clues and Ethel had always tried to encourage sharing and modesty within the household.
One day Ethel was cleaning Frankie's toy box, which he kept under the bed. To her horror she found endless press cuttings depicting the royal corgis. Page after page, photo after photograph. Corgis on holiday at Balmoral, corgi's taking cream tea with the Queen. Corgi's greeting Daniel Craig at Buckingham Palace for some sort of Olympic ceremony, Corgi's guide to etiquette by Monty, the Queen's most famous pet. 'Oh my goodness' cried Ethel. 'Frankie thinks he's Royalty!' 
When Frankie returned from one of his turns in the garden Ethel sat him down. Frankie admitted everything. From an early age he had had aspirations of becoming a member of the royal family. He intended on making the journey to London soon, where his cousin Billy and friend Molly already resided. He believed he could be a better companion to the Queen then Holly the corgi, but had become conflicted as he liked living with Ethel and his male carer so much. He had always wanted his portrait painting, to be hung in the National Portrait Gallery, and had become rather jealous when Kate Middleton stole his thunder and beat him to it. Ethel and her husband were always taking photos of him and sometimes called him 'Henry the Eighth' so he was convinced that he had royal blood running through his veins; that he was special in some way. Ethel told Frankie he was special and Frankie agreed. Ethel is currently looking for a pet portrait specialist to paint Frankie cat.  
(From left to right): Custom Cats by Amy Blackwell, Frankie Cat, Henry the Eighth pose by ethelandiris,
Frankie by Jordan Grace Owens, Frankie by ReadyGo Paper Studio, Paint a Portrait by Sarah McNeil
Pet Portraits by Wonky Dogs

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