Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Dinner Party

It was a wet and windy day. Ethel was stuck indoors and was waiting for something exciting to happen. Ethel and Frankie cat waited and waited. Then came a knock on the door.
Ethel recognised the quick knock, knock, knocking. It was the friendly local postman. She excitedly opened the door, and with a smile, the postman handed over the sealed brown envelope. 'What could it be' thought Ethel looking at the small slightly soggy letter. 'It's been sent from the sea' the postman explained. 'It's taken quite a while to reach you!'. Ethel knew immediately where the letter had come from, the post mark read Farne. Mayor Guillemot, head of Guillemot central had sent the damp letter and Ethel could not wait to hear his news. Mayor Guillemot was a very proud bird, he dressed immaculately all the time in a black suit and white shirt. He took his role very seriously, overseeing the guillemot community in Northumberland, making sure all land disputes with the kittiwakes and shag villagers were sorted in an orderly and professional manner. You see all the birds lived on one small island and all loved to nest and feed in the same places and Mayor Guillemot's role was to organise the site fairly between all the residents. He did a wonderful job and was much admired. Ethel was overjoyed to read that the villagers had held a special party in his honour on the Island to celebrate his 40 birthday. Everyone was dressed in their suits and even the kittiwakes, Eiders and Razorbills attended to wish him well. Ethel wished she had been there to celebrate too as she loved Major Guillemot and she loves the Farne Islands too!

Farne Islands May 2012
Guillemot Card by ethelandiris 

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