Saturday, 10 March 2012

Animal Menagerie

For some time now Ethel has been collecting animals. She lives in a tiny Victorian terraced house and she knows realistically she could never fit all the animals she would like into this small space. Instead, Ethel decided she'd collect a collection of animal brooches. She's accumulated quite a menagerie.

1. Whale Pin by Third Planet 2. Wooden Owl by Artbase 3. Swallow Brooch by Lost at Sea
4. Greyhound Pin by Bunnys 5. Sea Gull Brooch by Tatty Devine 6. Anemoi Insect Brooch by Natalie Musgrove 7. Porcelain Sparrow Pin by Alison Milner 8. Bullfinch Brooch by Kate Slater 9. Deer Brooch by Enna 10. Cricket Brooch by NW3

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