Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Visitor

Getting to know Cassidy Swift

Ethel had had a bad weekend. Her chronic fatigue had left her confined to her bed. No friends, no family visits nothing at all, just a timetable of rest, peace and quiet and forced relaxation. She was sad. Sunday night approached. Through the silence came a knock on the door. Ethel opened it sheepishly and there stood before her was a very small black bird. He looked tired (just like Ethel) and hungry. He'd been on a long journey. He had been sent to cheer Ethel up, which had meant flying all through the night and day to reach her. Ethel was delighted. He spoke of his travels, his love of a well tailored waistcoats and his desire to eat lots of sunflower seeds. His name was Cassidy Swift and Ethel loved him dearly.

Cassidy made by Nettybennetts.

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