Friday, 4 December 2009

Albertus Seba

For many years Ethel has admired a very perculiar man who went by the name of Albertus Seba. Born in 1665, Albertus became an apothecary and through his work created many recipes and remedies from the natural world. Collecting natural specimans became an obssession. Albertus would hasten down to the nearby ports, trade his medicines and know-how to the exhausted sailors and in exchange the grateful sailors would sell any natural specimans they had picked up on their travels to Albertus.
'Wow' thought Ethel 'how can I collect just like Albertus right here from my armchair'. Ethel gathered together all her old maps and started to cut out her very own bugs and butterflies. 'I'll keep them all together' she thought, so started sewing the little paper insects into collections, just like the Victorian insect cases she admired so much.

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